DIY / Frugal Tip ~ Homemade Window Cleaner


Here is a way to make your own window cleaner:


  • Pour 1/2 tsp of plant-based liquid soap, 2 cups of water and 3 Tbsp of white vinegar into a spray bottle.  Shake the contents of the bottle well and clean as usual.

Frugal Tip #33 ~ Homemade Window Cleaner

 Here’s a recipe to make homemade, chemical free window cleaner at home in which you’ll save money too:

What You Will Need:

–   ½ tsp of liquid detergent

–   2 cups of water

–   3 Tbsp of vinegar

–   a spray bottle

All you need to do is put all the ingredients into the spray bottle and shake until all the contents are completely mixed up.  The liquid soap plays a big role in this recipe as it cuts the wax residue compared to the store bought products.


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