FREE Wireless Mouse

I’m currently looking for a new laptop so I’ve been doing a lot of searching on various sites for good deals.  I’ve mostly been looking at sites that give you some sort of rewards for purchasing with them (ie., eBates or Airmiles).  While I was doing some searching this afternoon, I came across this deal for a FREE mouse, after mail-in rebate.

Follow the link to go to the website and you’ll find the opportunity to purchase a Logitech Wireless Mouse in Dusty Rose for $19.97.  The directions are easy to follow to obtain a mail-in rebate for $20.  You’ll still have to pay for the shipping so depending on what that will cost to get to your place, this may not be such a great deal.  The shipping for me only cost $5.95.  I don’t think I’d find a better deal elsewhere.

Logitech 910-001987 M310 Wireless Mouse



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