Spicy Pork Noodle Stir-Fry Recipe


Stir-fry dinners are a staple in my house on busy evenings.  Here’s one that is always helpful:


What You Will Need:

–   1/2 cup of  vermicelli

–   2 Tbsp of soy sauce

–   2 tsp of chili garlic paste

–   1 ½ tsp of rice vinegar

–   1 tsp of sugar

–   1 tsp of sesame oil

–   1/4 tsp of salt

–   1 cup of lean ground pork

–   1 tsp of vegetable oil

–   1 cup of sliced shiitake mushrooms

–   1 cup of coleslaw mix

–   1/2 cup of snow peas, trimmed and thinly sliced

–   2 thinly sliced green onions

–   2 minced cloves garlic

–   3 Tbsp of chopped roasted unsalted peanuts (optional)


What You Will Need to do:

1.   In a bowl, soak the vermicelli in warm water until it becomes soften which will take about 5 minutes.

2.   In a separate bowl, whisk the soy sauce, chili paste, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, salt and 2/3 cup water together.

3.   In a large skillet, cook the pork until browned.  After, drain and set aside.

4.   Wipe wok clean and return to heat.  Add the vegetable oil and mushrooms while continuing to stir until mushrooms become soft.

5.   Now add the coleslaw mix, snow peas, green onions and garlic.  Continue to cook for a few minutes.

6.   Stir in soy sauce mixture and noodles, tossing to combine.  Continue to cook until everything becomes tender.

7.   Sprinkle with peanuts and enjoy.


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