Three Pepper Hummus Recipe

This recipe is almost like the one I buy at Costco sometimes (unfortunately, I can remember the name right now):

What You Will Need:

–   4 cups of garbanzo beans (from the can)

–   1/8 cup of lemon juice

–   2 Tbsp of olive oil

–   2 Tbsp of tahini

–   7 minced cloves of garlic

–   2-4 slices of jalapeno peppers, chopped (depending on how hot you’d like the hummus but I usually only do 2 slices)

–   ½ tsp of pepper

–   1 ½ tsp of cayenne pepper

–   ½ tsp of cumin


What you Will Need to do:

1.   In a bowl, combine all the ingredients together. 

2.   Once everything has been combined, place in a blender and begin blending on low until everything is completely blender. 


Different Uses for Hummus

I’m a big fan of hummus.  I wasn’t a fan of it until a few years ago though.  At the moment, my favourite flavour  is red pepper which I buy at Costco.  As you know about Costco, the items come in large sizes and this comes in a large tube.  It’s perfect for parties but here are also a few different things I do with hummus so the family doesn’t get sick of it before the tube is finished:

1.  As what I believe is the most common use, eating with pita bread;

2.  Another common use is to be dipped with vegetables;

3.  Use as a spread for sandwiches;

4.  When making tuna or chicken salad, replace the mayonnaise with hummus instead;

5.  When making burgers or meatloaf, use hummus to keep the meat together;

6.  When making a pizza, replace the tomato sauce with hummus.  Best with a vegetarian
type of pizza; and

7.  Thin hummus with vinegar and oil and use as a salad dressing.

Do you have any other ways that you use hummus?  I`d love to hear them!

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