Gift Bag Ideas


Gift Bag Ideas


Here are helpful ideas on how to change up the average gift wrapping ideas:


  • Reindeer:  Fold in and tape the top corners of a brown paper bag.  Keep it closed with clothespins for ears and attach buttons to make the eyes and nose.
  • Glitter Paper Snowflakes:  Fold colored paper, cut a snowflake shape, then add a little spray glitter and attach to packages with colorful ribbon or twine for a dazzling ensemble.
  • Jingly Bells:  String small bells on ribbon and attach to gift bags with some pinecones.
  • Burlap & Lace:  Use burlap and lace to create a ruffled bow and attach it to gift bag handles.




Frugal Tip ~ Limit Gift Giving



I found that buying gifts for those you care about was getting out of hand.  Now, I’ve made an agreement with my friends and family on the limit of money that is spent on gifts and this way, every becomes more creative and saves so much money.


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