Frugal Tip ~ Staying fit on a budget

Do you have a gym membership?  At the time, you had all but the best of intentions to use it (I think this has happened to all of us).  If you don’t attend the gym at least once a week, it’s probably time to think twice about the membership.  Look into how much it would cost to cancel the membership before your contract is up.  In the end, it will probably be cheaper to pay the cancellation fee and break ties from the gym.  With that money, invest in exercise equipment for your home.  Or search for fitness routines on your TV and PVR the show to use at a more convenient time.

Frugal Tip #8 ~ Saving on Shampoo and Conditioner

The next time you need to pick up some shampoo and conditioner, take a look at the two in one shampoo/conditioners.  Sometimes you can find the exact same product as you’d use but in one bottle for a lesser price but make sure to double check that first.  You will also save time in the shower plus cutting down on the amount of your hot water and water bill.

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