Craft Project: Etch Glass Instructions

Ever wonder how to etch glass yourself?


Imagine transforming different glass objects with stripes, monograms, stars, polka dots and so many other things in between.


What You Will Need:

–   Etching cream (can be found at most craft stores)gt052_etchglass01_s.jpg

–   Masking tape

–   Paintbrush


What You Will Need to do:

I was trying to word the directions properly and was coming up stumped.  I found some great instructions on Martha’s site so here they are:


Use masking tape to make the stripes and adhesive hole-reinforces (for loose-leaf paper) to make the polka dots.  The M stencil in the picture was created by enlarging the typeface on a photocopy machine and cutting a stencil.  (To make a monogram stencil, place the enlarged letter on a piece of Con-Tact paper, which has a sticky back that will adhere to glass.  Trace the letter, then cut it out with a utility knife, discarding the letter itself and reserving the template — remember to reserve the centre cut-outs of letters with closed shapes, like O and A.)  When applying your design, always clean and dry the glass first; press the design onto the glass, and rub hard.  Using a paintbrush, apply a thick layer of etching cream to the glass. (Avoid spills, since cream will leave permanent marks.)  Wait 5 minutes, then rinse off the cream with warm water, and remove the stencil.  Practice on a jar until you’re comfortable with the process; the cream is simple to use, but for best results, the design must be applied carefully and smoothly.


** Note:  Make sure to work in a well ventilated area with plastic gloves and old clothes.

Once you get started, you’ll be amazed on how many different things you can etch.  These make really great gifts.  Stay tuned to see more etching ideas.

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