Craft Idea – – Christmas Container Covers

Christmas Container Covers


Here is another adorable craft idea that I found at the Better Homes website which is also as follows:


These container covers, crafted using an old wool sweater in holiday hues, have endless possibilities. Felt a sweater by washing in hot water and tumbling dry. Cut the sweater into rectangular pieces and sew into tubes to fit your containers. Make them to cover pots of planted evergreens or glasses to hold Christmas candies. They also work great for to-go coffee cups (great gifts for your espresso-loving friends).

Tip: To hold the wool cover in place, attach the hook side of adhesive hook-and-loop tape to the container and slide the wool cover over the top of the container.


Craft Idea — Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath

Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath


Here is another wreath craft idea which is made out of cookie cutters that I think is absolutely adorable.  Click HERE to head over to the Better Homes websites or check out the instructions below:


If making cutout cookies isn’t your thing, use cookie cutters in a new way this Christmas. To make this wreath, arrange large cookie cutters on a paper-covered work surface in a circular shape, and fill in the gaps with smaller cookie cutters. Glue the arrangement together with an adhesive appropriate for metals; let dry. Spray-paint the wreath, if desired, and finish with a festive bow.


Craft Idea – Crystallized Christmas Trees

Crystallized Christmas Trees

Here is a simple, yet elegant holiday craft idea that I found at the Better Homes website.

These rock candy-embellished cones are a fun — and easy! — holiday craft project. Pour horizontal rows of candy crystals in three or more colors on a baking sheet with the rows flush together. Wrap solid light-color cardstock around foam cones, slightly overlapping the paper at the back of the cone and securing it with hot glue. Do not apply the glue directly to the cone, which will melt. Larger cones may need two sheets of paper to be completely covered. Spread crafts glue on the cones and roll them in crystals; let dry. Re-glue and re-roll, if needed, to cover cones completely with crystals. Use hot-glue to fill in small gaps with hand-placed crystals.

Craft Idea – Crystallized Christmas Trees

Craft Idea ~ Rudolph / Sock Dog Idea



I found this adorable craft project at the Martha Stewart website.  Click HERE to go directly to the website and get the instructions on how to make this.

Earth Day Kid’s Craft – Gumdrop Garden Cake

Earth Day is coming up here on April 22.  Here is a cute little craft to do with the kids that I found at Family


Gumdrop Garden Cake


Gumdrop Garden Cake

It looks like a flower garden, but every single part of this  Gumdrop Garden cake is edible and completely delicious. Follow these simple  directions, then dig in.


  • Pound cake or other loaf-shaped cake
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Ladyfingers
  • Chocolate wafer cookies
  • Sugar
  • Gumdrops
  • Green toothpicks



1.    Ice the top and sides of the pound cake with chocolate frosting. Then trim  the top of each ladyfinger into a point to resemble a fence picket. Gently press  the pickets against the frosted sides of the loaf cake.

2.    Seal a handful of chocolate wafer cookies in a plastic bag and crush them  with a rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumb “soil” on top of the loaf cake.


Gumdrop Garden Step 3

3.    Plant a row of tulips: Sprinkle sugar onto a waxed-paper-covered surface. Using  a rolling pin, flatten gumdrops to a 1/4-inch thickness. With kitchen scissors,  cut notches in the tops of the flattened gumdrops to create tulip shapes. Insert  a toothpick stem into the base of each blossom.

Gumdrop Garden Step 4

4.     Make a pair of leaves for each tulip by trimming flattened green gumdrops into  teardrop shapes. Spear the base of each leaf with the toothpick stem and push it  halfway up the stem. Now plant the tulips in the cake.

5.    For a fun finishing touch, sprinkle coconut tinted with green food coloring  around the garden to resemble grass.

Attention Scrapbookers

Candle Wrap Project for Scrapbookers



Country Lane Candle Supplies & Soap Expressions shared this free candle wrap project perfect for all you scrapbookers!


You’ll probably have all the supplies already which are:

  • a candle in a square container,
  • scrap book paper,
  • paper flowers,
  • tape, and
  • ribbons.


You could personalize these for parties or weddings with coordinating colors and themes.


See Vanilla Floral Candle for full project instructions.

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