Craft Idea – – Christmas Container Covers

Christmas Container Covers


Here is another adorable craft idea that I found at the Better Homes website which is also as follows:


These container covers, crafted using an old wool sweater in holiday hues, have endless possibilities. Felt a sweater by washing in hot water and tumbling dry. Cut the sweater into rectangular pieces and sew into tubes to fit your containers. Make them to cover pots of planted evergreens or glasses to hold Christmas candies. They also work great for to-go coffee cups (great gifts for your espresso-loving friends).

Tip: To hold the wool cover in place, attach the hook side of adhesive hook-and-loop tape to the container and slide the wool cover over the top of the container.


Craft Idea — Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath

Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath


Here is another wreath craft idea which is made out of cookie cutters that I think is absolutely adorable.  Click HERE to head over to the Better Homes websites or check out the instructions below:


If making cutout cookies isn’t your thing, use cookie cutters in a new way this Christmas. To make this wreath, arrange large cookie cutters on a paper-covered work surface in a circular shape, and fill in the gaps with smaller cookie cutters. Glue the arrangement together with an adhesive appropriate for metals; let dry. Spray-paint the wreath, if desired, and finish with a festive bow.


Craft Idea ~ Nature Clear Ornament




Have some extra clear ornaments around and not too sure what to do with them?  I bought a bunch last time they were on sale at the craft store.  I found this idea at the Martha website that I thought was brilliant


What You Need to do:


  • In glass-ball ornaments, place with sprigs of holly, bayberry, and evergreens.  Remove the cap from an ornament, and carefully place a small piece of trimmed greenery inside.  To prevent condensation from forming, leave the cap off for 24 hours before replacing it.  Thread ribbon through the top loop, knot, and hang from the tree.


Frugal Tip ~ Limit Gift Giving



I found that buying gifts for those you care about was getting out of hand.  Now, I’ve made an agreement with my friends and family on the limit of money that is spent on gifts and this way, every becomes more creative and saves so much money.


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