Tips for Keeping Your Jeans from Fading

What do you do to keep your jeans from fading?  Back in the ‘80s, it was the style to have faded jeans but today, it’s all about the dark jeans.  I’ve been told the following help with the situation:

  1. NEVER wash your jeans.  Have you heard that?  I’m sorry but I just wouldn’t be able to do it.  I would always be paranoid that I smelled.  With respect to not washing, I heard people use Febreeze to freshen up the jeans.
  2. Wash jeans inside out in cold.  This is what I do.  I think it helps but I don’t think it solves the problem, just prolongs the fading a bit.
  3. Dry cleaning is another solution.  I’m not too keen on having all those chemicals used all the time on my clothes and more importantly, that can become very costly.
  4. Another thing that I do to help is to hang my jeans to dry.  Never, never put them in the dryer.  It is said that you’re almost guaranteed to have your jeans fade a shade when putting them into the dryer.
  5. An old home ready is to put vinegar in your washing machine with the jeans and wash on delicate with detergent designed to be used with dark clothes.  This is my plan to try next.
  6. A wives tail I’ve heard is putting salt in the washing machine with your load of jeans. I’m somewhat surprised by this as I’d think the salt with actually fade the clothing.
  7. Another one that I heard and I kind of find hard to believe it washing your jeans with beer….?

I’d love to hear what you do to prevent your jeans from fading!

Happy New Year’s Everyone

I would like to wish you all a very safe and Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for reading my posts and following along.  I am learning and growing more each day, while I am blogging, and expect to provide you bigger and better things to come!

Happy Holidays to you all!!



I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

Thank you very much for reading my posts, following along and all your support.  I’m still somewhat new at the whole blog thing but expect bigger and better things to come!  Thanks again!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  


I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  


I wish you all the best!



What Would it be Like to Have Money Leftover at the end of the Month?



Are you like me and the money runs out before pay day?  It seems that there’s just never enough money. Somehow you find a way to pay thebills but some extra cash each month would help so much! I’ve been looking at different ways to make some extra income but nothing seems to be working.  Here are a few things that I’ve tried:

  •  I started selling Stella & Dot jewelry.  I figured since I love the latest fashion, especially jewelry that this would be the perfect thing for me.  It turns out; I’m not a very good salesperson.  I’m just not aggressive enough.  I found that after I had ‘trunk shows’ for all my family and friends, I was done.


  • I’ve tried to sell various things on eBay but nothing specific.  Just odd things here and there.  Does anyone have any tips or good experiences they’ve had with selling on eBay?


  • I signed up on  I thought this was another sure thing as I had a lot of experience in the various categories they had for job postings.  I’m sure that some people out there have had good experiences with this website, or it wouldn’t be running anyone, but I tried five different jobs and was scammed every time.  I didn’t get paid for any of them which was disappointing as I put a lot of time in effort into the work.


  • One sure thing to make money on is doing surveys.  There are so many different survey websites out now.  The problem I found with this is that it’s quite time consuming for what you get in return. I understand that it’s not hard work or anything though.  A few years ago when survey website weren’t as common, it seemed that most of them rewarded you with money.  Now, a lot is different types of merchandise that either you would never use or it would take years and years to accumulate enough points.


  • To save money, I’m constantly checking flyers, budgeting, ordering and using coupons, and all that jazz but this also can be very time consuming and with having a day job, I find that my the time I get home at night from work, all of these opportunities have already been requested.


  • I know what some of you are probably thinking that the answer is right in front of me and go get a job.  I do have a full-time day job but the thought of having to leave work to go to another part-time job brings me back to my college days which I don’t want to do again.

I’m really curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions on ways that you’ve been able to make some extra income or have heard of ways where others have been successful. for all your business directory needs

Looking for a website where you can find business listings nearby? is my new best friend!  It’s Canada’s Local Search Engine. Find a person and reverse phone lookup directory services.
This is the site to turn to them whenever I’m looking for an address or telephone number of a business. They give you this information, plus more. also gives the business a chance to send updates to the site (though I’ve found that not many businesses do unfortunately) as well as what the business features (for example: I searched Tim Hortons and it says that it features “Coffee, Tea), and a QR code (for smartphone bar code scanners) in case you want to take it on the go!
Keep in mind the next time you want to look up a business!
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