New Air Miles Sponsor – Michaels

airmiles.caMichaelsVery exciting news!  You can not collect Air Miles at Michaels.  Earn 2 x the Air Miles reward miles when you spend $40 or more at Michaels.


Helping Out – When Hitting Nails

Always wish you had a little extra help when hitting a nail with a hammer?  Try using a comb to hold the nail.



Easy way to Remove Sand off Skin

It’s summer time and that means going to the beach.  Does it drive you crazy that it doesn’t seem to matter how much you try to wash the sand off your skin after, you can’t get all that sand off?  Try sprinkling baby powder to easily remove that sand.  You’ll be amazed as to how well it works!

Frugal Tip #11 ~ DIY Swiffer Towels

Swiffer Sweeper


Instead of spending money of those Swiffer cloth refills, take regular kitchen rags and insert them like you would the cloth refills.

2012 Summer Olympic Schedule for Canadians

Canadian Living Magazine was nice enough to do up a 2012 Summer Olympic schedule so you won’t miss any of the Canadian athletes competing.  Click on this link to get your copy to cheer on Canada’s athletes!   

What is and Ordering from Regal?

Regal Gifts Corporation - Official Site 

 I’m always on the lookout on ways to make money and here’s my new adventure…Regal! 

What is Regal? 

Regal is known for its unique products that include greeting cards & gift wrap, handy household helpers, kitchen gadgets, home & seasonal décor and unique family gifts, all sold at great prices with average item pricing below $20.  There is no other catalogue like it in the Canadian market.

 Want to Safely Buy Regal Online and have the ability to shop 24 hours a day – 7 days a week?

Through Regal, I now have my own Web Store.  It uses the latest in security software so there is no need to worry about using your credit card, items are delivered directly to you and you can now view our most up to date catalogues through my store.

Ordering is as simple as visiting my site at and it only takes minutes to do!

• Click on Quick Order Pad at top of screen

• New to web store select “New Customer”

• If you have purchased before through my store select “Returning Customer” and fill in

email address and password

• Enter item code and quantity

• Click update cart and then check-out and enter your payment details

AND right now!  Take advantage of their .84¢ shipping special till July 26, 2012. 


Have you heard of Ebates?

Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online Cash Back Shopping.  Joining Ebates is always free – you’ll never pay them anything.  And the big plus!  Four times a year or more, they’ll mail you a Big Fat Check, or transfer the money to your PayPal account if you’d prefer.  They can even send the money to your favorite charity.  All 100% free.

People often ask: “This sounds too good to be true, how are you able to do it?”  It really is quite simple.  Just like almost every other online shopping center, they get a commission from the stores when you make a purchase.  Instead of keeping that money – like almost all other sites do – they share it with you!

Valid for US and Canadian shoppers, as long as 1500+ of the world’s top online stores are happy to pay a bonus to attract the new, valuable customers they send their way, Ebates is going to continue to send Big Fat Checks to our satisfied customers across the globe.

Make sure to follow this link to sign up today!  You have nothing to lose!

Different Uses for Hummus

I’m a big fan of hummus.  I wasn’t a fan of it until a few years ago though.  At the moment, my favourite flavour  is red pepper which I buy at Costco.  As you know about Costco, the items come in large sizes and this comes in a large tube.  It’s perfect for parties but here are also a few different things I do with hummus so the family doesn’t get sick of it before the tube is finished:

1.  As what I believe is the most common use, eating with pita bread;

2.  Another common use is to be dipped with vegetables;

3.  Use as a spread for sandwiches;

4.  When making tuna or chicken salad, replace the mayonnaise with hummus instead;

5.  When making burgers or meatloaf, use hummus to keep the meat together;

6.  When making a pizza, replace the tomato sauce with hummus.  Best with a vegetarian
type of pizza; and

7.  Thin hummus with vinegar and oil and use as a salad dressing.

Do you have any other ways that you use hummus?  I`d love to hear them!

Looking for Advice on Buying a New Washer?

I need some advice.  I need to buy a new washer.  I’ve always had a top load and am thinking about buying another one.  I’m curious to know what the pros and cons are to a top load vs. front load  As well, where can I find a great deal?  I’ve been looking for scratch and dent sales but this hasn’t been as easy as I had anticipated.

Look forward to hearing from you!

What Would it be Like to Have Money Leftover at the end of the Month?



Are you like me and the money runs out before pay day?  It seems that there’s just never enough money. Somehow you find a way to pay thebills but some extra cash each month would help so much! I’ve been looking at different ways to make some extra income but nothing seems to be working.  Here are a few things that I’ve tried:

  •  I started selling Stella & Dot jewelry.  I figured since I love the latest fashion, especially jewelry that this would be the perfect thing for me.  It turns out; I’m not a very good salesperson.  I’m just not aggressive enough.  I found that after I had ‘trunk shows’ for all my family and friends, I was done.


  • I’ve tried to sell various things on eBay but nothing specific.  Just odd things here and there.  Does anyone have any tips or good experiences they’ve had with selling on eBay?


  • I signed up on  I thought this was another sure thing as I had a lot of experience in the various categories they had for job postings.  I’m sure that some people out there have had good experiences with this website, or it wouldn’t be running anyone, but I tried five different jobs and was scammed every time.  I didn’t get paid for any of them which was disappointing as I put a lot of time in effort into the work.


  • One sure thing to make money on is doing surveys.  There are so many different survey websites out now.  The problem I found with this is that it’s quite time consuming for what you get in return. I understand that it’s not hard work or anything though.  A few years ago when survey website weren’t as common, it seemed that most of them rewarded you with money.  Now, a lot is different types of merchandise that either you would never use or it would take years and years to accumulate enough points.


  • To save money, I’m constantly checking flyers, budgeting, ordering and using coupons, and all that jazz but this also can be very time consuming and with having a day job, I find that my the time I get home at night from work, all of these opportunities have already been requested.


  • I know what some of you are probably thinking that the answer is right in front of me and go get a job.  I do have a full-time day job but the thought of having to leave work to go to another part-time job brings me back to my college days which I don’t want to do again.

I’m really curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions on ways that you’ve been able to make some extra income or have heard of ways where others have been successful.

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