Craft Idea — Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath

Cookie Cutter Christmas Wreath


Here is another wreath craft idea which is made out of cookie cutters that I think is absolutely adorable.  Click HERE to head over to the Better Homes websites or check out the instructions below:


If making cutout cookies isn’t your thing, use cookie cutters in a new way this Christmas. To make this wreath, arrange large cookie cutters on a paper-covered work surface in a circular shape, and fill in the gaps with smaller cookie cutters. Glue the arrangement together with an adhesive appropriate for metals; let dry. Spray-paint the wreath, if desired, and finish with a festive bow.


Craft Idea ~ Cozy Quilted Pet Bed


Make this cute bed for your loved one.  I found this easy idea at Better Homes.


Click HERE to get all the instructions.

Craft Idea – – White Yarn Christmas Wreath


Click HERE to head over to the Better Home website and find out how simple this craft project is to make.  I think this wreath would look fantastic on any door or wall.



How to Make Homemade Candy Cane Soap


I love this craft idea which I think would make a wonderful gift.  I found this idea at the Celebrations website; however, here are the instructions:


What You Will Need:

–   1 pound of clear glycerine soap (which you can find at a craft store)

–   Soap Molds

–   Peppermint Oil



What You Will need to do:

1.  Place candy canes in a freezer bag and crush with a rolling pin or hands.  Place crushed candy canes on the bottom of the soap molds. It’s easy to gage by putting one candy cane per piece of soap.


2.   Cut the glycerine soap into little pieces and place in a microwave-safe bowl.


3.   Microwave glycerine in 30 second intervals, mixing until melted.  Mix in 3-4 drops of peppermint oil.


4.   Pour glycerine in soap molds, over crushed candy canes. Pour slowly so candy canes don’t shift.  If candy canes move around too much while you pouring the soap, use a toothpick to move the candy cane pieces back into place.


5.   Allow soap to completely harden before removing from molds.



Craft Idea ~ Nature Clear Ornament




Have some extra clear ornaments around and not too sure what to do with them?  I bought a bunch last time they were on sale at the craft store.  I found this idea at the Martha website that I thought was brilliant


What You Need to do:


  • In glass-ball ornaments, place with sprigs of holly, bayberry, and evergreens.  Remove the cap from an ornament, and carefully place a small piece of trimmed greenery inside.  To prevent condensation from forming, leave the cap off for 24 hours before replacing it.  Thread ribbon through the top loop, knot, and hang from the tree.


Gift Bag Ideas


Gift Bag Ideas


Here are helpful ideas on how to change up the average gift wrapping ideas:


  • Reindeer:  Fold in and tape the top corners of a brown paper bag.  Keep it closed with clothespins for ears and attach buttons to make the eyes and nose.
  • Glitter Paper Snowflakes:  Fold colored paper, cut a snowflake shape, then add a little spray glitter and attach to packages with colorful ribbon or twine for a dazzling ensemble.
  • Jingly Bells:  String small bells on ribbon and attach to gift bags with some pinecones.
  • Burlap & Lace:  Use burlap and lace to create a ruffled bow and attach it to gift bag handles.




Craft Idea — Bright Sequined Christmas Lights

Bright Sequined Christmas Lights


Here is another simple, yet elegant holiday craft idea that I found at the Better Homes website.

  • These colorful ornaments will light up your tree in vintage style and bold colors. For the bulb base, press a 1-1/2-inch plastic-foam ball on a work surface to flatten one side; repeat to flatten the opposite side. Roll the shape back and forth on the rounded edge, pressing down until the bulb base resembles a marshmallow. Press in one flat edge of the bulb base with your thumb, making it concave. Hot-glue the concave edge to the wide end of a 2-inch plastic-foam egg (this will form the ornament shape).
  • Place a line of hot glue between the bulb and bulb base and attach one end of colorful sequin trim. Continue adding lines of glue and wrapping the trim around the bulb, overlapping the trim slightly as you work; cut off excess trim. Poke a hole in the center of the flat edge of the bulb base with the tip of the glue gun. Make a small loop at one end of a length of metallic cord, leaving a long tail. Push the ends of the loop into the hole; let the tail trail out of the hole. Place hot glue on the bulb base around the loop; attach and coil the cord on the base around the loop. Continue wrapping and gluing the cord to the bulb base until it is completely covered; cut off excess cord.




Craft Idea ~ Pipe Cleaner Reindeers



I found this easy craft idea at the Martha website.  See below on how to make it:

What You Will Need to do:
1. Start with the head. Make a cloverleaf of loops at one end of a standard pipe cleaner (6 inches). Bend that stick at the 3 1/2-inch point to make a neck; the other half will be the back.


2. Join another stick to the back with a twist. Position head over juncture of two sticks. Fold two 6-inch sticks in half, and twist around the torso for legs; tightly wind the remaining loose stick end up the neck. Curl another stick around a pencil, then wind the coil onto the body.


3. For antlers, twist a 2 1/2-inch stick onto neck behind the ears; add smaller pieces to make points. Turn up the tail, bend up the feet, and play with the knees until he can stand. Glue on a red-bead nose.


Craft Idea – Crystallized Christmas Trees

Crystallized Christmas Trees

Here is a simple, yet elegant holiday craft idea that I found at the Better Homes website.

These rock candy-embellished cones are a fun — and easy! — holiday craft project. Pour horizontal rows of candy crystals in three or more colors on a baking sheet with the rows flush together. Wrap solid light-color cardstock around foam cones, slightly overlapping the paper at the back of the cone and securing it with hot glue. Do not apply the glue directly to the cone, which will melt. Larger cones may need two sheets of paper to be completely covered. Spread crafts glue on the cones and roll them in crystals; let dry. Re-glue and re-roll, if needed, to cover cones completely with crystals. Use hot-glue to fill in small gaps with hand-placed crystals.

Craft Idea – Crystallized Christmas Trees

DIY ~ Homemade Dominoes

Homemade Dominoes


This is a fun project to make and then enjoy afterwards.


Click HERE to head over to the Home Made Simple website and get the instructions on how to make this project.

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