Frugal Tip #40 ~ Alternative Solution for Soaking Oral Appliances

Looking for an alternative to those harsh, store bought oral appliance cleansers?  All you need to do to soak oral appliances, like retainers, mouthpieces and dentures, in to teaspoons of baking soda in a small glass of warm water.  The baking soda is a great way to neutralize odours and loosen food particles or if you’re in a hurry, brush the appliances with baking soda.

Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Here’s another twist on the grilled cheese sandwich.

Spread baba ghanoush on two slices on two slices of wholegrain bread.  Place a piece of Monterey jack cheese, two pieces of zucchini, about a tablespoon of feta and then another slice of Monterey jack cheese.  Cook, like you would normally would a grilled cheese, until golden.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Recipe


I found this delicious recipe from Philadelphia website.  I just wish I would have found this recipe at the beginning of summer.  Here is the recipe:


What You Will Need:

–   8oz (1 package) of cream cheese

–   1 can (14oz) of sweetened condensed milk

–   2 tsp of lemon juice

–   1/3 cup of whipping cream

–   3 chopped up graham crackers

–   1 1/2 cups of strawberries


What You Will Need to do:

1.  Mix the first four ingredients in a blender.  Once completely blended, place in the freezer for about 4 hours.

2.  Blend strawberries until smooth.  Then add the cream cheese mixture and continue to blend until mixed up completely.  Freeze until firm (roughly 7 hours).

3.  Take out of the freezer for about 15 minutes before serving so it will be easy to scoop and serve.

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Cranberry Vinaigrette

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought this was a fitting recipe to enjoy.


What You Will Need:

–   1 Tbsp of Dijon Mustard

–   ½ cup of Cranberry Sauce

–   ¼ cup of Virgin Olive Oil

–   ¼ cup of Raspberry Wine Vinegar


What You Need to do:

1.   Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until all the lumps are out.

2.   Now, place in container and refrigerate until you’re ready to enjoy.




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Free Coffee at 7-11 on Friday, September 28

CofFREE Day - all stores Canada wide from 6am to 10am local time

On Friday, September 28, 7-11 is offering free cofFREE from 6am-10am, this excludes iced coffee.  Have you tried 7-11 coffee before?  It’s very good!





Frugal Tip #39 ~ Cleaning Your Oven

Looking for an easy, chemical free way to clean your oven?  Take some baking soda and sprinkle on the bottom of your oven.  Liberally spray water on top of the baking soda so it becomes damp.  Now, let it sit overnight and wipe out with a damp sponge in the morning.  You’ll be amazed on how easy it’ll be to get all the grime out.



7 Layer Pasta Salad Recipe


Here’s a recipe with a twist to the usual pasta salad that is sure to be a crowd pleaser as a side dish or a meal.


What You Will Need:

–   4 cups of bow-shaped pasta

–   2 cups of cut up broccoli

–   ½ of mayonnaise

–   ½ cup of 2% milk

–   ¼ cup of chopped parsley

–   ¼ of chopped green onions

–   1 cup of diced avocados

–   ¼ cup of lime juice

–   sprinkle of salt and pepper

–   2 cups of diced ham

–   1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

–   2 diced tomatoes

–   2 cups of romaine sliced lettuce


What You Will Need to do:

1.   Cook the pasta for about 3 minutes.  Then add the broccoli and cook for 4 minutes so that the pasta is quite fully cooked yet.  After cooked, drain, spray with cool water and shake off dry.

2.   In a separate bowl, mix the mayonnaise, milk, green onions, parsley, salt, pepper and half of the lime juice together.  Toss the pasta and a few tablespoons of the dressing in a medium bowl.

3.   Now, put the salad together by:  tossing the avocados with the remaining lime juice in a large bowl in an even layer.

4.   Next, layer of the ham, then broccoli, followed by the pasta, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.

5.   Drizzle the remaining dressing on top.



Pumpkin Soup Recipe


I love everything that has to do with pumpkins!  Here’s a delicious pumpkin soup recipe.


What You Will Need:

–   1 sliced leek

–   2 Tbsp of olive oil

–   1 chopped stalk of celery

–   2 tsp of curry powder

–   1 diced potato

–   6 cups of chick broth

–   1 (796 ml) can of pumpkin

–   1 Tbsp of lemon juice

–   375ml of evaporated milk

–   sprinkle of nutmeg

–   sprinkle of salt and pepper for taste


What You Will Need to do:

1.   Cook the leek and celery in a pot with a little bit of oil until they are soft.

2.   Add the potatoes and curry powder and cook for about a minute.

3.   Now add the chicken broth, lemon juice and pumpkin.  Bring contents of pot to a boil and then simmer until the potatoes are cooked.

4.  Stir in the milk and let simmer for about 10 minutes.

5.   Add salt and pepper to taste.

6.   Finally, pour into a bowl and sprinkle the nutmeg on top.


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