Frugal Tip #32 ~ Homemade Silver Polish




I have a wedding to go to this weekend.  I was trying to figure out what jewelry I was going to wear with my outfit.  While doing this, I noticed that a lot of my silver jewelry had tarnished.  After some research, I found the perfect alternate for polishing silver with items you have in your house.

For a small job, like jewelry, dab a little bit of white toothpaste on the item.  Gentle rub the tarnished part with your finger and whip dry.  It works like a charm!

For larger projects, mix water and baking soda together to make a paste and leave it on the item for about an hour.  After the hour has passed, whip clean with a cloth and warm water.





About Dino
There are many things that I love to do. One of those things is crafts! If I could find a job that involved crafts and being able to pay the bills, I'd be all over it! I've also found a great love for cooking and baking in the past few years. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to be able to fully get into cooking and baking to the degree that I would like to. I've also found myself making a HUGE effort to save my family money. I'm still a beginner but I'm surprised at how many different ways I've found to save money, including starting to use coupons! I hope you enjoy all that I'm about to share.

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