Instructions on to Make Your Own Stylish Silhouette Art

I would this trendy yet traditional craft project from the CanadianLiving website.  I think this would be the perfect idea to make the decor in your house a bit more personal.  Here are the instructions below which I have changed a bit from the original instructions but I think will be more helpful.

What You Will Need to do:

1.   Take a picture of your family members and even your pets too!  This is really easy to do by just putting the person against a light background which will create a high contrast photo.  A helpful hint is to keep the distance between you and your subjects the same for each photo so that the scale is consistent.

2.   Print each photo in greyscale on white paper but make sure it is thicker white paper.  Tape a piece of tracing paper to each printout.

3.   Using a pencil, trace the silhouette, including fine details such as eyelashes and individual pieces of hair to create visual interest.

4.   Tape or staple each piece of tracing paper to a piece of black card stock.  Using an X-ACTO knife or scissors, carefully cut out shapes.

5.   Glue silhouettes to background paper using an acid-free photo-safe glue stick.  If the background paper isn’t sturdy, use the same glue stick to mount background onto white card stock.

6.   Trim backgrounds; fit into frames.

How to make your own chic silhouette art



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