What Would it be Like to Have Money Leftover at the end of the Month?



Are you like me and the money runs out before pay day?  It seems that there’s just never enough money. Somehow you find a way to pay thebills but some extra cash each month would help so much! I’ve been looking at different ways to make some extra income but nothing seems to be working.  Here are a few things that I’ve tried:

  •  I started selling Stella & Dot jewelry.  I figured since I love the latest fashion, especially jewelry that this would be the perfect thing for me.  It turns out; I’m not a very good salesperson.  I’m just not aggressive enough.  I found that after I had ‘trunk shows’ for all my family and friends, I was done.


  • I’ve tried to sell various things on eBay but nothing specific.  Just odd things here and there.  Does anyone have any tips or good experiences they’ve had with selling on eBay?


  • I signed up on Freelancer.com.  I thought this was another sure thing as I had a lot of experience in the various categories they had for job postings.  I’m sure that some people out there have had good experiences with this website, or it wouldn’t be running anyone, but I tried five different jobs and was scammed every time.  I didn’t get paid for any of them which was disappointing as I put a lot of time in effort into the work.


  • One sure thing to make money on is doing surveys.  There are so many different survey websites out now.  The problem I found with this is that it’s quite time consuming for what you get in return. I understand that it’s not hard work or anything though.  A few years ago when survey website weren’t as common, it seemed that most of them rewarded you with money.  Now, a lot is different types of merchandise that either you would never use or it would take years and years to accumulate enough points.


  • To save money, I’m constantly checking flyers, budgeting, ordering and using coupons, and all that jazz but this also can be very time consuming and with having a day job, I find that my the time I get home at night from work, all of these opportunities have already been requested.


  • I know what some of you are probably thinking that the answer is right in front of me and go get a job.  I do have a full-time day job but the thought of having to leave work to go to another part-time job brings me back to my college days which I don’t want to do again.

I’m really curious to hear your thoughts and suggestions on ways that you’ve been able to make some extra income or have heard of ways where others have been successful.


Pampers Coupons Back at Brandsaver

Pampers coupons are back at Brandsaver.ca  As history as proven, these coupons don’t last long so hurry over.

Free Purex Detergent is Back!

It was unavailable for a while but now a free Purex Detergent sample is back.  Go to the Purex website and you’ll have the opportunity to choose either a  Liquid Detergent or UltraPacks.  Plus, there’s usually a coupon inside too!

Triple Action Liquid and UltraPack Detergent

Earth Day Kid’s Craft – Gumdrop Garden Cake

Earth Day is coming up here on April 22.  Here is a cute little craft to do with the kids that I found at Family Fun.com:


Gumdrop Garden Cake


Gumdrop Garden Cake

It looks like a flower garden, but every single part of this  Gumdrop Garden cake is edible and completely delicious. Follow these simple  directions, then dig in.


  • Pound cake or other loaf-shaped cake
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Ladyfingers
  • Chocolate wafer cookies
  • Sugar
  • Gumdrops
  • Green toothpicks



1.    Ice the top and sides of the pound cake with chocolate frosting. Then trim  the top of each ladyfinger into a point to resemble a fence picket. Gently press  the pickets against the frosted sides of the loaf cake.

2.    Seal a handful of chocolate wafer cookies in a plastic bag and crush them  with a rolling pin. Sprinkle the crumb “soil” on top of the loaf cake.


Gumdrop Garden Step 3

3.    Plant a row of tulips: Sprinkle sugar onto a waxed-paper-covered surface. Using  a rolling pin, flatten gumdrops to a 1/4-inch thickness. With kitchen scissors,  cut notches in the tops of the flattened gumdrops to create tulip shapes. Insert  a toothpick stem into the base of each blossom.

Gumdrop Garden Step 4

4.     Make a pair of leaves for each tulip by trimming flattened green gumdrops into  teardrop shapes. Spear the base of each leaf with the toothpick stem and push it  halfway up the stem. Now plant the tulips in the cake.

5.    For a fun finishing touch, sprinkle coconut tinted with green food coloring  around the garden to resemble grass.

Amazon.ca One-Day Sales

amazon.ca  Here’s a list of Amazon.caupcoming one-day sales to save you lots of money:

  • Wednesday, April 18: Cornergas Full Tank (Complete Series)  [DVD]
  • Thursday, April 19: Trailer Park  Boys: The Complee Collection [DVD]
  • Friday,  April 20: NCIS: Eight Season Pack (Includes: NCIS: Seasons 1-8)  [DVD]

The actual prices aren’t shown yet but there usually a fabulous saving!

Attention Pampers Gifts to Grow Collectors


To all the Pampers Gifts to Grow Collectors, there’s a new code for 10 points.


The code is:  FB4DAGSCR6WDp12

$4.00 Shipping at Beyond the Rack!

Great News!  From now till April 16, pay only $4.00 for shipping when your purchase is over $48.00 at Beyond the Rack.  I don’t know about you but I usually find items that I would love to buy at Beyond the Rack but a lot of the time the savings doesn’t seem worth it for what you have to pay for shipping.


Happy Shopping!

My First Crayola – Helping Little Hands Create Coupon is Back

Save $1.00 - My First Crayola







My First Crayola – Helping Little Hands Create Coupon is back at Websaver.ca  Receive a $1.00 coupon is available but they went really fast last time so hurry over!

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